Two-piece assembled tire

In recent years, in the field of large-scale engineering tires, a variety of new varieties with unique shapes and different structures and traditional tires have emerged in the field of large-scale engineering tires. Two-piece assembled tires are one of them. It is a new concept product designed and launched by the Akron Center in the United States and is now produced at the Topeka Tire Factory in Kansas, USA. The specific varieties cover large bus tires, agricultural tires and off-road tires for engineering construction machinery, which are suitable for large and heavy vehicles.

(1) Structural characteristics

Ordinary tires consist of two parts, inner and outer tires. The inner tube has a relatively simple effect, that is, it provides air pressure, and the structure is also very simple. After inflation, it maintains a certain internal pressure, which acts as a cushioning and supporting function to keep the vehicle stable and safe while driving. Two-piece tires are also divided into inner and outer parts, namely the tread and the carcass. Both parts are reinforced with steel cords, but the division of labor between them is not as distinct as the inner and outer tires of ordinary tires. Although the two components are independent of each other, the contact faces have circumferential ribs (located on the inner surface of the tread) and grooves (located on the outer surface of the carcass). The spacing between the ribs and the ribs is equal to the spacing between the grooves and the grooves. After assembly, the ribs on the inner surface of the tread are located in the grooves on the outer surface of the tire to form a good engagement and fixation. Under the action of air pressure, the carcass is inflated and then the tread is pressed outwards, thereby playing a strong interlocking effect.

It can be seen that the inner and outer parts are purely mechanical and pneumatic, and are not dependent on adhesive or mechanical parts. In this way, loading and unloading or maintenance is very convenient, and the user can disassemble, assemble or replace it by ordinary tools. This two-piece tire is dimensionally compatible with the current range of tire specifications and therefore has good versatility and fit with the rim.

(2) Product advantages

First, the matching between the inner and outer parts is strong, which can shorten the time and workload of the tire change and disassembly of the general engineering vehicle, and the required time is only half of that of the ordinary tire.
Second, the section is wide and the protection effect on the carcass is good.
Third, the payload is large, the pressure distribution of the entire tread is very uniform, and the heat is low during driving.
Fourth, when driving under off-road conditions, it is better to prevent cutting and piercing of sharp objects such as gravel on the road surface, which is beneficial to improving the service life of the tire and reducing the damage rate.
Fifth, the driving stability is good, which helps to lighten the driver’s fatigue.