Several new concepts related to the design of rubber shoes II

(2) shock absorption foot protection

When people are exercising or walking, they need to wear shoes and socks to protect them. Because the shoes are in direct contact with the ground, the functions of the foot protection are heavier, and it is necessary to prevent the sharp objects and the thorns from being cut, and to prevent external impact. For professional sports shoes, it is necessary to withstand severe shocks and shocks. Especially for some sports that have a strong impact on the ground and high landing height, such as football, basketball and pole vault, the protective function of the shoes is more important.

The air cushion introduced in the energy return section also has a shock absorption function. In addition, some special rubber shoes for labor protection are provided with metal parts at the toe area to prevent injuries to the toes and insteps when heavy objects are hit. It can be seen from the above that the foot protection function of the rubber shoes is mainly achieved by two measures: one is to use the buffering and shock absorption of the gas to soften the steel; the other is to use the rigid body (steel head) to harden the hard.

(3) Torque correction

The concept aims to correct the common problem of walking and skewing through the design and modification of the shoes, thereby reducing the fatigue caused by poor posture and increasing the ease of progress. Most people instinctively become more or less in the walking foot (individually different).

In the 1980s, some rubber shoes companies raised the concept of “torque correction” and proposed a “correction system” accordingly. The system is positioned in the groove between the fore and aft palms (called the torsion groove). A longitudinal strip bar (called a torsion bar) is placed in the center of the groove, and the front and rear parts of the sole are penetrated to make the piece integrated, and the torsion force is limited to a small range, and the torsion deviation amplitude is also significantly reduced, to a large extent. Corrected the phenomenon of partial twist.