A new member of the tire family – Electric Tires

According to the traditional classification concept of force tires, it can be divided into bicycle tires and trolley tires.
Tricycle tires and motorcycle tires and other major categories.

However, with the development of the products, some varieties are gradually eliminated and shrink, such as trolley tires; while others are marketable and develop rapidly. In recent years, with the growing popularity of electric vehicles, many people in urban and rural areas have begun to own electric vehicles, and the output of electric tires has also skyrocketed. The changes in the annual output of electric vehicles in recent years can fully explain this point. It was 2 million vehicles before 2003, and it surged to 5.5 million in 2004. In 2006, it reached 18 million. Calculated according to the original two of each new car, that is, 36 million, plus the replacement of the old tire volume, the current total annual demand may be no less than 50 million. Therefore, according to industry experts’ estimates, electric tires are expected to form a new, independent product line.

The emergence of electric vehicles and the popularity of the majority of users is the inevitable result of the increasing income of the people, so the electric tires, one of its main accessories, came into being.

As a promising new product, electric tires should have a complete set of production technical information, independent and perfect product standards. Although it is a type of tire, it is not equivalent to the requirements of other tires. For example, the speed of an electric vehicle is between the bicycle and the motorcycle, and the weight of the vehicle is also between the two. Then, as a matching component, electric tires should consider the commonalities between product design and performance indicators, and also pay attention to different points and treat them differently.

For example, since the speed of the electric vehicle is larger than that of the bicycle and the diameter of the tire is small, the strength of the carcass should be higher than that of the bicycle tire, and the size of the skeleton material used or the number of layers of the skeleton layer cannot be equal to the number of layers of the bicycle tire. Especially because of the fast driving speed, the safety factor of the product needs to be paid more attention, and the safety factor should be properly enlarged. In particular, it is necessary to combine the quality problems that affect the driving safety that consumers have seen. It should be improved and improved through product structure design and raw material selection. Ensure safe and reliable use.